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Prof. Yasufumi Okuno of Kyoto University (pharmacology) et al. developed the data base to which the drug adverse reaction report that U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had opened to the public was able to be retrieved originally in the liquidation and Japanese. It seems to be useful also for the examination of the side reaction when the doctor and the pharmacist learn the latest information on side effects of drugs in the world, and the medicine put on the market on the tip of foreign countries is used.

As for the medicine, even if a heavy side reaction occurs after it sells it, it takes time to the revision of the package insert. It is expected that the number of aggrieved parties with the side reaction is decreased if the up-to-date information of the world is examined early.

FDA collects reports of the drug adverse reaction, and has opened the report of four million or more to the public about 8600 medicines up to the present time since 1997. However, it did not become shape that only information queued up, and everyone was able to retrieve easily, and the indication that it was not easy to use it on the medical treatment site had gone out.

Prof. Okuno et al. are there, the methods that combine biology, the chemistry, and the information science, and the liquidation of this data in originality. The system that was able to retrieve it easily by strictly relating, and translating a medicine name all over the world and the principal ingredient into Japanese was made. How for the list and the patient with the side reaction became it from the name of the medicine to make it understand, and to inspect former report, it devised it. The reliability of information was able to be judged by using the method that FDA and World Health Organization (WHO), etc. were using.

In this data base, information on side effects of drugs was able to be obtained early and the confirmation was able to be done. The relevancy with atypical behavior was shown in June, '03 when examining it by the data base though it was 04 years that atypical behavior was added to anti‐influenza agent and full Tami's package inserts.

Kyoto Kon Stella Technologies of the venture from Kyoto University is providing the retrieval service in charge for the medical follower and the drug manufacturer.

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