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The Lotte group is growing serious because of the examination. A large stress is held from the acting manager to the class of the head of the team because of the examination.

It is necessary to take a constant point with TOEIC to become beginner's class section chief's "Otsu section chief" in the Lotte group or to pass the Japanese ability examination. There is examinations of managing general, the financial affairs, and the accounting, etc. , too.
Because such an examination only has to exceed 450 points with TOEIC and to exceed 60 points on the average by management, it is not too difficult.
Still, because the graduate of a high school employee who had not studied English so much either also considerably includes the university graduate employee who drops the unit of business economics besides abounding, it is said that it is worried, "It is not possible to pass by the promotion exam", and there are a lot of employees who pile up the anxiety, too.

Moreover, the employee of which company is also the competing Kao mood with a high score, and is pressure between each affiliate.
To the section chief promotion examination done eastern country university Seoul inside the campus at the beginning of last month
The top manager such as Yomigaeshizme (So Gense) presidents of Eyou (- Byon'yon) president and super Lotte in the Lotte mart voluntarily visited, and it assisted in its own employee.

Recently, people of the class of the head of the team including the director and the managing director to say nothing of the division Director-General class also feel pressured in the foreign language examination. Carahigashicarahigashihigashi (Shin Don Vinh) vice-president from declares "Vision 2018" at the beginning of this year, and is an instruction lingua , saying that "In becoming in Asia a global group top 10, there should be foreign language power".
The instruction has come out to take the examinations such as foreign language examination worth that the company superintends and TOEIC from people more than the class of the head of the team and to fil the list of result.

The head of each team applies in the TOEIC exam hall according to the affiliate executed the last Saturday last month the lengths of the team who take this examination also apply for TOEIC to the multitude every month though it gathered. It is because it wants to put out a good even a little grade.

Vietnam and the China charge employee who becomes the strategy marketplace of the next generation also are promoting the Lotte group.
Vietnamese and Chinese are taught in the curriculum on the weekend at the Lotte human resource development academy in Karasuyama City, Gyeonggi Do.
The employee chosen this tightly blocks the curriculum, and waits by pitiless "Examination", and after it completes it, seems to be drifting the feeling tense considerably. Praying for such an effort not to end in a commotion of examination alone, and to become valuable assets in which the globalization and making the South Korea distribution industry advanced are advanced doesn't stop.


Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
The effort is made when speaking in English.  whether a local language when there are a lot of foreign language learners, and the Japanese goes to the foreign country in JapanOn the other hand, the English sphere graduate need not often memorize a local word.
In American's blog "This Japanese Life" staying in Japan, it talks about the reason why Japanese need not be acquired though it stays in Japan.

First enumerating it is use of the portable terminal such as iPhone. It runs if the photograph of the food sample of the menu is shown when embarrassing it because of the order of the restaurant. It is talked that it becomes it managing the use of the electronic dictionary function when it is possible to reach at last with built-in GPS as even the destination is safe even if it loses one's way moreover, and the meaning such as labels is not understood.
Moreover, American and British people especially specify for a lot of proportions of the person who can speak only English to exist. When proposing that President Obama requires the language secondarily in the high school process finishing, the immigrant in the United States is told the tail, and it introduces the case where the criticism happens in the United States when falling, and posture that American instinctively avoids the acquisition of the foreign language is told.

It makes an effort in Japan in addition to this so that a lot of Japanese people may speak English. There is a caught impression when it is shameful that the Japanese is the trend thought to be a low degree of own education level, and cannot speak cannot speak English. On the other hand, an English speaker doesn't often feel can speaking only English in the sphere of Japanese shame too much. It is talked that English is often studied internationally as the second language, and the empire in the sphere in English seems to exist.

Moreover, it is being expected of the author who is an English teacher to speak only English by the office, and is put the author on the environment that ends even if Japanese dares not to be studied.

Above all, when needing it so that the foreigner may acquire Japanese is a ambition, the conclusion is put.
The blog is concluded if not having become an occasion that practices Japanese this time because it is assumed that whether the ambition is Aruka becomes the turning point of Japanese acquisition, and records all these blogs in English because it is not from necessity.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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