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It is a Japanese threshold that I feel most now.

However, some this bubble bursts might be ..".. different from the conventional one.

The United States is facing time considerably not good in this tens of years by the process that replaces the Obama political power from Bush administration while China exceeds and has Kiccined it to it the divide simultaneously with the bubble burst.

In a word..world..hegemony..grasp..large country..weakness..make..following..hegemony..take..large country..growth..simulataneous..period..occur.No cause in this finance crisis it occurred to this at the same by chance time though no consequence either.

Therefore, the axle about which it is anxious for a lot of people has been changed later in front of the finance crisis. There must be a lot of people that do the transferred of the place with the concern as a flow and a business of money of the world should as the businessman from the United States to China somehow. Once..Iu..language..strange..persuasive power..give.

Japan where the enlargement has grown up making springboard and a current United States economics development can considerably say the serious situation. Then, it is likely not to go well if it is waited that the storm passes at least stooping one's head.

It is a Japanese ..".. threshold that I feel it most in this big change now. The GDP in the world was the same before the Industrial Revolution as the population distribution when a big story was told for a moment. It is because personal consumption expenditure is the economic majority. The 17th century occupied 2/3 of the GDPs in the world in China and India.

It moved, and information and the technology concentrated on a part of America and European countries by the Industrial Revolution, and the wealth of the world moved from China and India here at a dash, too. However, the Internet spread, and the gap disappeared all over the world this time as for information and the technology. I think that I become an age when the population distribution decides the GDP again as a consequence.

As for becoming of China the world economic power, it is not done that China is quite special, and population are merely more than somewhere else though it seems to be angry that this is said.

Avoid..population..originally..few..decreasing tendency..continue..Japan..business..angle..in view of..considerably..tight.

I think that Japanese sensorium can change easily as long as there are some chances.

The appearance and Mr./Ms. Matsumoto say overseas media including "Bloomberg" the withdrawal from a Japanese broadcasting already. In short, it sells only in Japan in Japanese though English news contents sell in the world. Still, it cannot be expected in the future though the profit is suitable if there is some market scale.

Then, if it is not easy to think about it if whether they right now make Chinese contents is said, it is Iu. The businessman in China because the ratio in which English can be spoken is high if it thinks by the disposable income weight an English person is still larger though Chinese is more if an English person is compared with a Chinese person.

Be that the business in English large in the future, and a Japanese position that weakens relatively oppositely when consequentially thinking about the economic bloc by the language. However, it is said that the Japanese economy will not necessarily decline in proportion to it because a Japanese position in the business decreases.

I ..".. think that an English level of the graduation life of Japan is a bottom in developed countries in the sphere in non-English. I was also so. It is certain to have to change this. However, it is not impossible, and I think it to be a considerably easy. Because a lot of Japanese like Taisho Era etc. were interested in foreign countries, and a lot of people had migrated to the foreign country.

The person of going to Singapore because there was no work in Japan not to be able to speak English seemed to be and there be lying about. The activity ratio in foreign countries in the business community was far higher than present.

In a word, it is thought that Japanese sensorium can change easily as long as the direction idea is unexpectedly recent now when it is extreme, and has some chances. "  Http://gendai.ismedia.jp/articles/-/785.

Japan is good country!
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