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The conversation of the company becomes English. ?It announced one after another when Fast Retailing that developed optimism and Uniqlo of the internet services major made an in-house official language English in 2012.
Does English ..this movement.. really extend to middle and advanced age until the school days though is a story made Dokitsu?

"It ..getting into the news.. is thought that it shows how an English allergia of Japan is strong .... oppositely in the so much. "The publicist answered so when the Hiroshi Miki president of optimism struck "English official language making" in the interview in English and it would apply for coverage the raised next day by the tone somewhat amazed.
「The application for similar coverage pours in. Only the part of making to English is taken up as for that interview though I wanted you to report there by announcing the global strategy and the surprise. 」

Optimism to which it is planned to expand the business that develops in 6countries and the region to 27countries and the region finally makes records of the meeting and the management conference in the morning once a week when all employees gather English in February this year now. The oral presentation of the board meeting and the executive association is made English in March, and the meeting and board of directors also : to English in the morning in April. The first purpose is an intelligence sharing and Iu in the field level.

「Only the senior management is telling under information interchange Shite when it becomes a true global business, and the business development is done for instance in another country based on the successful case of Japan, and the competition cannot be won in the world of the net with fast speed. The person in charge exchanges directly by telephone, the amelioration is piled, and it becomes a big strong point as the group. 」。The common language ,in a word, English is necessary for that.

Moreover, "Top-class personnel ..Japanese.. do not take easily when ..minor.. language is spoken worldwide" and Iu.
It will be Iu in the coming year when a local adoption's in China and India thinking about 100 person dimension by increasing it to about 70 people though students from abroad of about a domestic adoption 400 at current year are 17 people.

Higher management provides the basis of 700 points or more etc. in 750 points and middle executive jobs as a standard of the English language skill requested from the employee in international English ability test TOEIC (990 point full marks).

Menu English mark of taking up on television etc. like symbol of "English making optimism" of dining room of employee of headquarters in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo. I was going to peep into the jammed dining room at lunch.
This day is "Miyazaki fair" that supports Miyazaki Prefecture of foot-and-mouth disease () misfortune. The cold and the soup of the special product are "Rice in cold miso soup".
The conversation of "Is this to Let me have a look a sardine?" etc. and the employee (Japanese) is heard in front of the sample of "Grilled breaded herb sardine (sardine's Kagusa bread crumbs grilling)".
The publicist whispered , saying that "It did so and studied".

In hearing from the table buried by 90 percent or more, almost 100% is Japanese. The employee who glances and understands with the foreigner also talks with the colleague in smooth Japanese.
The aunt in the dining room was harmony in only "For the elder brother of Ikemen, yes applying noodle" and Japanese gag. It existed together in overhead in the corner where the dressing for the salad was put and Japanese existed together to the mark in English and the table at seeming conversion time period exactly. "Feeling that has changed into English before one is aware when noticing" and employee. Does to be become accustomed it gradually thus?「Such an employee is unnecessary though there is an indication that the number of employees who cannot work only to be able to speak English will increase. They do English because it gathers the staff with high level of work. It is possible. 」(publicist)

The Fast Retailing Co. (Yamaguchishi) is also more similar than optimism in the aim "Correspondence to the globalization" though it takes measures to head off , saying that "No shape that the foot still arrives at ground".
It is scheduled that 2/3 is made a foreigner half the number and of the new graduate employment next year, and activates an inside and outside personnel interchange.
Policy of assumption of English in about March, 2012, and in-house common language requesting TOEIC700 point or more from all employees.
When the examination is pressed to all employees, and the grasp of the situation is advanced, it is Iu now.

Tsuruta Ticaco and the professor of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies of the synthesis and international the Gakken Co., Ltd. Kiwami academy specify the negative aspect expected though constant understanding is shown about such movement. 「Is it worried Hanai of Iu Rito who was able not to arise because it used English the misunderstanding, and to do the argument actively?Please. 」

It is known as a simultaneous interpreter, and the Tsuruta professor also who French, and is the Italian speaker :. 「Changing the language also changes the one that exists in the backdrop like the idea and the culture, etc.It doesn't go to substitute the tool. 」It takes and the nail is stabbed.

English is far more straight compared with Japanese with a lot of indirect expressions. The Tsuruta professor also says that it often supplements the word shadeed off in a Japanese sentence specifying it when interpreting it to English.
Does the conversation of the office with an emotional communication occur at time and what all occurs to English with the bird clapper?
It might effect an alteration not only contents of the business but also the human relationship of the office.

It wanted to know how the manager in the foreign country that developed the business was looking in Japan, and president ..Biru.. Totten was visited .."Assistance" of corporate software (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo)...
「I want to exercise one's employment globally Mr. Miki. I think that making to English is terrible and comprehensible. Because Mr. Miki head. Business is Japanese in the country from the kipper. 」。
It said at a dash by a familiar tone as the commentator of the television. It obtained Japanese citizenship by coming from United States California state four years ago. Isn't there English in the business in Japan needing?

「I think that everything almost becomes local though Mr. Miki is doing by assumption to which global business continues. A domestic raw material is, and sold to shape as merchandise of domestic production domestically. 」

At present, is the attempt of optimism etc. a fire in the opposite bank for a lot of white-collar workers?
How "Fire in the opposite bank" to Now I remember is said in English!


Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
Score..promotion..promotion..requirements..do..enterprise..future..requirements..do..match..reach..adoption..consider..enterprise..future..consider..total of..become.――。
The reason why TOEIC boasts of the overwhelming popularity to business Person and the reserve.
2700 enterprise and groups adopted, and 1.7 million people took an examination in fiscal year 2008 now.

However, such a voice is heard between enterprises on the other hand of the benefactor nature.
, saying that "The point of TOEIC is not good in situ though it is high of the business".
What has occurred to this superpopularity English qualification now?――。

It is a man that declares, "TOEIC can increase the point depending on the countermeasure" who receives TOEIC ten times or more, and has the score of 900 points in the peak in one's forties.
「The pattern of setting questions comes into view while receiving it many times. If all my readings are hit, it can get actual ability plus 70-80 points because the pattern is limited to about 20 modalities. However, it was misunderstood, and it had a hard time later in the office , saying that "It can speak English at the native level". 」It smiles wryly. 

To opposite「If the person who has English language skill suddenly receives it very, can only about 700 points be taken? 」It is a purchase lingua woman in foreign countries that talks in one's thirties as for Master of Business Administration.
When the unique technology is necessary for TOEIC, it is Iu.

"The explanation of the person in the photograph continued, and had ended with the length , saying that "What on earth starts?" while being nonplused when the problem of hearing was received for the first time. "

However, when the knack can be gripped, "Guess Shiga of the answer is lucky beforehand at the stage where the photograph was seen" is the same as the above-mentioned man.
"Whether the score improvement can be called a pure English language skill improvement is a doubt. "

The English language skill of business Person : before.
It was measured by the examination etc. that TOEFL, STEP or the enterprise of the cosmopolitan had originally made.
However, when TOEIC appears with the liver such as the Ministry of International Trade and Industry at that time in 1979, the facility by the score assessment receives, the enterprise competes with the specialization lingua point, and it introduces it into business English.
It had wide skirts also in the student etc. of the finding employment countermeasure.

Average score of new employee who synchronizes with competition prevailing on the employment front

In the so much though a Japanese English febris has risen
The assessment "The Japanese cannot speak English" is general at the people as usual.
As a matter of fact, how?

「The score of the entire examinee is almost constant as long as the transition of the average point of 30 years in the past of TOEIC is seen. As for constant though the number of examinees increases, and skirts of a mountain has extended, too, the entire English language skill expects the fundus of gallbladder to be going to be raised. 」
(Foreign Affairs Department of Institute for International Business Communication announcing to public that manages TOEIC)。

The interesting one is a point that begins to turn down gradually when the advance Shite descending and finding employment change from the latter half of the 90's to the ice age to the seller's market by going up a right shoulder when only new employee's average point is pulled out.
Become..future..new employee..English language skill..again..rise..possibility..high..become.
On the other hand, STEP that it was completely outdone by TOEIC is a start in 04 as for business English ability test "STEP BULATS".
It challenges the rally.
"It is not possible to write in situ, and the enterprise is worried in the situation that it is not possible to speak though an English score is high of the business. "  (manager of Society for Testing English Proficiency Yosuke Neagari. )

This assay sells can the measurement of four skills of "It hears, it speaks, it reads, and write".
When the inquiry of the sending type skill of the speaking and writing is numerous, it is Iu in the benchmark test of TOEIC without.

「The enterprise needs have really changed from the measurement of mere English language skill into "Skill that can be used". At that time, we will answer the generation needs. 」(Mr. Neagari)。

TOEIC renews "Bring it close to actual communications" examination contents, provides the speaking for general and the test of writing for 07 years with another frame, and is a conversion lingua to the system that four skills can be measured for 06 years.
「It is a mission to measure always proper English language skill. The renewal will not leave in the future if the part not suitable for the age situation comes out. 」
(Foreign Affairs Department of announcing to public)With Iu.

There are in such and a specialist who specifies the TOEIC criticism to begin with that the problem on the user side is large, too.

「Whether the business in English can be done is not the one only by English language skill. ..power.. . of totals of operational experience, man power, and communications power etc. of benefactor thing
 It is talked to the mix that not is though no 'Score = work ability of TOEIC', and there is a problem of the the greatest there. 」
(Rikkyo St. Paul's University graduate school cross cultural communication research course professor of Yoshiko Ku Torikai)。

It becomes the bedsill of English language skill, and the business English certificate faces the turning point inside and whispered now the decrease in Japanese power.
How this phase is taken in advance for the examinee is sure to lead to the differentiation that stays one step ahead.
The question "Where does it rely on the qualification for the measure that measures English language skill?" is pointed at the enterprise at the same time.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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