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The lingua Indonesian nursing master candidate of the day challenged the national examination of Japan for the first time since last year in this February by economic partnership agreement (EPA) with Indonesia. The successful candidate is Iu if not going out though took an examination by about 80 percent of which it comes to Japan of 104 people. Vice-president Nanji of Yutaka Nakashima of Japan Municipal Hospital Association showed the perception regular news conference on April 23, and "Barrier" Japanese about this.

The Indonesian nursing master candidate came to Japan last August. Japanese training of Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS) was taken until February this year. Afterwards, the study of Japanese is continued while starting work in 47 nationwide hospitals as an assistant nurse.

It is at February 22 that the nursing master nation examination in fiscal year 2008 was done. According to Japan International Corporation of Welfare Services (JICWELS) that collects consequences of pass or fail from candidate's acceptance medical institution, if no person also has gone out, the successful candidate is Iu as at 24.

The immediate aftermath of this national examination to which the completion type of Japanese training is done on February 12, and the Environmental Protection Agency charge room of AOTS and the Japanese of Kenichiro Harumoto charge department general manager are speaking, "The candidate and the hospital, etc. are told to go by will Iu it when you see the atmosphere of the hall this time".

On the other hand, vice-president Nakashima of Japan Municipal Hospital Association specifies, an examination in Japanese and a difficult law term are "Barrier" of passing even if the communications side is cleared by the training after it comes to Japan at the regular news conference on the 23rd.
Moreover, vice-president Hiroyuki Suenaga :. 「The national examination is Japanese though the medical service law and the social security are first taught in English. It passes or a very doubt. 」 problem..become..describe.

The residence to the qualification by Environmental Protection Agency can start work as a nursing master after that if passing from the visit to Japan in three years. The occasion of the national examination that can be taken an examination in three years once a year the nursing master nation examination is most and is three times.

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