Youth schoolの最近のブログ記事

Korean in Japan and the Japanese who was not able to frequent elementary and junior high schools by circumstances of poverty and the home opened and independent night school "Youth school" of Yahatanishiku Takanosu where the reading and writing of Japanese etc. were learnt opened the gathering on the 15th anniversary in Anoo citizen center where the classroom was opened on the 15th foundation of a school anniversary on the 23rd.

About 100 people such as university students and experienced person of the volunteer who served as learner's elderly persons and the lecturer posts attended, it looked back on a current walking while seeing the slide after having a meal together, and each one of the learner celebrated the decision declaration doing and the 15th anniversary.

The Inatskisano professor of Kitakyushushi go-between representative Rikkyo St. Paul's University「Youth that started from desire of Halmoni (grandmother)'I did not have youth' school. Let's think why this year it attends school, and bend one's steps in the future though it doesn't know why Halmoni studies Japanese. 」It greeted it.  

Kokurakitaku Hiari and Reiko Tanaka (76) who has been participating since the foundation of a school this time「It came to Japan at the age of seven, and it had the pencil for the first time at the age of 62. Hereafter, I want to remember the Chinese character more. 」The assertion of the decision. Mr. Saki Maeta (20) called, "Let's hold out together" for Fukuoka University of Education three years of the lecturer.

The youth school founds mainly professors of Kitakyushushi Rikkyo St. Paul's University in 1994. It becomes the student of this university and Fukuoka University of Education and the member of society volunteer lecturer, and about 20 people are studying now.


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