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Korean in Japan and the Japanese who was not able to frequent elementary and junior high schools by circumstances of poverty and the home opened and independent night school "Youth school" of Yahatanishiku Takanosu where the reading and writing of Japanese etc. were learnt opened the gathering on the 15th anniversary in Anoo citizen center where the classroom was opened on the 15th foundation of a school anniversary on the 23rd.

About 100 people such as university students and experienced person of the volunteer who served as learner's elderly persons and the lecturer posts attended, it looked back on a current walking while seeing the slide after having a meal together, and each one of the learner celebrated the decision declaration doing and the 15th anniversary.

The Inatskisano professor of Kitakyushushi go-between representative Rikkyo St. Paul's University「Youth that started from desire of Halmoni (grandmother)'I did not have youth' school. Let's think why this year it attends school, and bend one's steps in the future though it doesn't know why Halmoni studies Japanese. 」It greeted it.  

Kokurakitaku Hiari and Reiko Tanaka (76) who has been participating since the foundation of a school this time「It came to Japan at the age of seven, and it had the pencil for the first time at the age of 62. Hereafter, I want to remember the Chinese character more. 」The assertion of the decision. Mr. Saki Maeta (20) called, "Let's hold out together" for Fukuoka University of Education three years of the lecturer.

The youth school founds mainly professors of Kitakyushushi Rikkyo St. Paul's University in 1994. It becomes the student of this university and Fukuoka University of Education and the member of society volunteer lecturer, and about 20 people are studying now.
The appearance to look for Japanese father (31) who returns home hard : in Thailand.
Cago (9) in the central part Pitit prefecture that was the topic spoke by the international call with father to whom whereabouts was affirmed on the 22nd. Cago who heard the voice of the wish floated the smile , saying that "It was glad".

The telephone was done by the closed-door in a Japanese embassy in Bangkok, and talked about the recent situation etc. for about 50 minutes. Cago speaks by father according to the same seat lingua aunt (35), "I want to go to Thailand if the convenience of work attaches", and is Iu when having answered, "To speak with father, Japanese is studied".

keigo's father was a Thai woman, married, divorced in Bangkok five years the livelihood hoof hoop ago, and returned home. Cago will be entrusted to the grandparents house soon after the life, and be storage father Hanai. News was asked to visiting tourists with father's photograph because it had been made to hear, antemortem and "Father returns" from mother who had died of sickness in April of the age just now.

Father's whereabouts turns out in the investigation of the Thai both foreign affairs ministry of the day in the middle of this month. 「I want to meet in Thailand. If it is not possible to come, I want to hear the voice. 」Suitable shape with Cago's request.

Continuation, and sticking coverage of Cago on entered the 21st in Bangkok of report rush of Thailand.
Reporters near a Japanese embassy of this day by 100 people gathered.

Moreover, 18-years old girl visits Chiang Mai lives Consulate General of Japan on the 21st and it is requested, "It wants you to look for your Japanese father that the report is interrupted". According to the local paper, ten-years old boy that Japanese father returned home is an intention and Iu who requests the investigation , saying that "Came to want to know Cago and to meet father".
Kansai advances and the cram school major (Kyoshin) in the ground advances to a Japanese, educational business in China. The wholly-owned subsidiary that manages Japanese language school to Feshan City, Guangdong Province in the southern part is established, and a school is founded in July. The local employee of Japan company who places the base in the locale and Chinese students' demand are expected. Japanese language school of the medium-small business of the local dealers capital becomes the first case where the major in Japan enters by fully owned in China though a lot of they are.

"Cultural educational Feshan Kyoshin limited company" that developed Japanese language school and an educational consultancy was set up in same city Namhae Ward. Capital stocks are 300,000 origins (about 4.2 million yen). Namhae Ward positively takes the concept in the point to the foreign capital attracting by the education and the culture, and is coming up with the policy of developing the service industry.
Because Japan company like the car relation etc. also had accumulated the multitude, advancement to this ground was decided.

- Kyoshin..code.

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Mr. South Africa Tourism Board (SAT) Japanese district representative Bradley Brauwar was commended to the contribution to this state by the marketing of Mupmaranga state in Japan and the promotion activity by park of sightseeing in Mupmaranga state bureau (MTPA) on May 8. Mr. Brauwar who arrived at the Japanese district representative in 2007 is patterned a South African tour in Japan and is a start as the proposal of a new destination from the view that there is no alternative in the same year as for the sightseeing promotion of Mupmaranga state. Bradley speaks as a reason to have been encouraging this state with "This state with the nature of a Japanese inclination such as flowers of a lot of waterfalls, valleys like brei Deliva Cannion, and jacarandas besides the safari is for Japanese Marquette". The number of those who visit a national park in Kruger at FIT and the honeymoon of 2008 increases from the situation with a difficult tour creation, and the number of tours has increased, too. When "About 300% expands compared with the previous year" is shown, the number of Japanese visitors to this states is Iu in 2008. "Plying the charter flight from Japan to Mupmaranga state, and tying to going into service of the direct flight are the end goals" and Mr. Brauwar talk.

Mupmaranga state that is called "New Gold" is a sightseeing destination noteworthy in South Africa. In this state that about 1.3 million people visited from the world, a lot of tourists collected 2008 years in the third in South Africa. The tourism accounts for 4% of gross product (Gross Geographic Product=GGP) in the region in state, and grows up to the industry that invents the employment of 130,000 people.
Person in charge Charles Nudabeni of MTPA speaks with "It is a target that the tourism will invent the employment of 8% of GGP, 2.7 million tourists a year, and 300,000 person by 2016".

Mupmaranga state's attaching importance to Japanese Marquette : in the one based on the prediction of World Travel Organization (WTO). 「The number of travelers of worlds becomes 1.6 billion twice now people in 2020. It is countries such as Japan, China, India, Russia, and Brazil to pull it. 」With Iu. In addition, there is an expectation for the camp ground invitation by the World Cup holding, too. To the difficulty on that the number of supplies of aviation seats to Kruger Mupmaranga international airports. Local route and Eyre link (Airlink,4Z) of South African Airways (SA) are centered, and the arrival and departure number of service is limited though the international airport. Nudabeni described, "The discussion for going into service to the same state as coal oil mixture Eyre where Clra Airlines of British'eoueiz (BA) and cheap airline (LCC) was managed now was done", and showed the expectation in an increase in the seat charge rate.

South Africa was often visited by the tour tour etc. over Africa the southern part, there was an influence where the risk of Zimbabwe went up in 2008, too and the number to South Africa of Japanese visitors became 27,621 of the proportion 13.3% previous year decreases. About 80% of the Japanese that visits South Africa is participation in the package tour, and incorporating it to the tour becomes important for Occac increase to Mupmaranga state. Moreover, there is a senior layer of 60 years or more in half the number of a Japanese tourist, too and the installation of a Japanese guide is a difficulty. "Economics development Planning Bureau in state is under contemplation according to Bradley's request as for the Japanese guide training" and Iu according to MTPA highest marketing accountable person Zorelwa Mucozo. * image
・Place where it wants to pay care of the best to "Wording" in taking communications with various people such as one and customer's named member of society other parties and superiors and junior.

Then, ..'"Choerodon azurio" language and wording of which it hears in the company and the where has gone, etc.'.. questionnaire survey's (free answer) implementation in Oricon for a member of society 20-in his/her forties. The person who ..wording such as 【-] and 【 ー ].. remembered getting irritated as a result stood out.

Though "Fine today" and "This hit?" can easily imagine the Iu communication by one scene of the conversation between the superior and the subordinate "Become licked feelings though might the honorific. " and (Tokyo/one's thirties/man), and, to tell the truth, , saying that "It is felt that it is held in derision" (Kanagawa Prefecture/one's twenties/woman)
【-]The given discomfort feeling of wording seems to be terrible.

: also of "The ending of a word is extended" objection 【 ー ] and 【Is it so ], etc. "There is no ambition. " and (Osaka Prefecture/one's forties/woman) uselessly in addition, and "It is thought the very lightness" (Chiba Prefecture/one's thirties/woman) and too good impression Hanai appearances.

In addition, the tone that gives the sense like speaking with the friend is also taboo. The person who feels, "It is ambiguous and doesn't think for student feelings to come off" (Shizuoka Prefecture/one's thirties/man) is a lot of 【-] that was and 【-]
In addition, the colloquialism that merged now in the private life queued up to 【Is it Iu ] of not wanting you to bring it in even to the office with Zrari though it was good in private.

In addition, the answer of revolting the phrase 【 Mucatsc ], 【 Uzai ], 【 Maji ], and 【] only in hearing is drawn though it is not said directly.
The wave of the advanced age surges to a Japanese tour guide in Taiwan.
The age exceeds 70 years old, and there is no art that leads to the young generation, and it faces the crisis of the rupture by 40% or more.

Cotowari-woods light brilliant thing length of the tour guide association (Asokyouasokyoukyou Kodo) was regrettably spoken in yesterday's symposium, "40 percent or more of a Japanese tour guide in Taiwan is an elderly person of 70 years though one million Japanese or more visited Taiwan every year and it existed".
A woods brilliant light : further. 「It is in the guide of the new generation and cause not related easily is ..main.... has the cost cutting on a personnel side in the travel agency. It doesn't want to employ a Japanese guide, and the guide without the experience is month in a day of about 800 origins.. ..20,000.. ..former.. a little in the people of the part-time job ..all current guides... With this, it doesn't tie a young Japanese guide. 」It talks.  

Besides this, young people have the difference with the old-timer's ..Japanese.. guides.
A flexibility, bow of attitude, this tune to characteristic of a Japanese culture, and Japanese fluencies are a big problems.

Sightseeing bureau affairs leader's Chou Sat「70 years old or more accounts for about 40 percent, it reaches 45% in 60 years old or more, and the age group is extremely high though there are 2,100 person guide that passes a Japanese guide in Taiwan back and forth now. Already the number of passing of expertise examinations of a Japanese guide is increased to Examination Yuan or the frequency of the examination has already been reported that it increases, and more young people are wishing times of age to be received to the companion of the guide in the sightseeing bureau. 」

-  The source
The foreigner who is studying Japanese in foreign countries descends about 2.98 million people in total in 133countries and the region, and 26% increasing calositas has found a day in the investigation of Japan Foundation compared with three years ago. It seems to back up the pop culture popularity of the animated cartoon etc. besides an increase stands out in India etc. where the advancement of Japanese Company is active.

Japan Foundation obtained the overseas Japanese educational institution investigation, and the schedule was sent to about 29,000 groups that taught Japanese such as overseas universities and elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools in March, '07 in November, 2006 descending of implementation Shite, and this time, and the answer was obtained from 77%. Neither a Japanese course of the television and the radio nor the people, etc. who are learning personally putting up tutorial are included.  (16:00)

The high school that makes Japanese the first foreign language as part of the collaborative project of the education, the training ministry, and the Japanese Government appears in Vietnam in September this year.

The concern for Japanese rises in this country because of the advancement of Japan company and accord (EPA) for the Japan Viet-Nam economy conclusion, etc. and the class is scheduled to start by eight schools such as capital Hanoi by the end of next year.
When there is an indication as important, too and this ministry is discussing the idea that adds Japanese to the regular subject of the elementary school, the early education is Iu.

The case where main subjects of the course of an overseas high school are Japanese is "It is very unusual. " (Japanese embassy in Vietnam).
It is a school of going on to school, and Tuban'an high school in Hanoi chosen as the model school of the Japan Viet-Nam cooperation project that originally introduces.
Finishing becomes possible also in the Racidon high school in commercial town Ho-chi-minh in the southern part in September, 2010.
Japan Foundation in Japan cooperates in in-service training of teachers in the teacher dispatch and the locale and the textbook production.
Korean Residents Union in Japan (Dan) started the use movement of Korean. The purpose is to harden the race identity of Korean residents in Japan who become thin more and more. Dan is a resolution lingua as for taking the lead of the Dan executive as a nationwide local leader and the meeting of the head of the subsidiary group are held in a central hall in Tokyo on the 21st, and it answers the telephone in Korean and the use of Korean.

Dan : through the resolution sentence. 「Recently, the Korean residents in Japan' generation changes are advanced, and the race education and the promotion of the next generation are sped up. Let's take the lead in Shoc and use Korean. 」It called.  Therefore, it is expected that the Hangul education will extend for the Korean residents in Japan youth who will not know Hangul in the future.

The influence with a big strong recommendation of Satoshimasal (Con Cholhyon) Ambassador to Japan was exerted on the resolution of Korean use for Dan. A lot of Korean residents in Japan were not able to speak Korean, it was told to be advanced to the official function of Dan in Japanese in eyes, and told the idea "The greeting extent of the official function is it is at least Korean" to the lingua right ambassador every time it met the Dan executive. Ambassador called Dan executives with poor Korean at any time, and recommended the study of Hangul. Ambassador thinks about the support problem of the South Korea government for the Korean residents in Japan' Hangul educations.

Moreover, Dan thinks that it develops "Movement that increases the money in bank of my race's financial institution" for economic of South Korea activation and the economic recovery of the Korean residents in Japan society. Therefore, "Movement with the passbook one South Korea Korean residents in Japan" is scheduled to be developed aiming at the acquisition of membership of time savings of one year or more for the unit seat 100,000 yen or more with a Japanese branch of Japan-South Korea lives country chamber of commerce and industry and a South Korean credit union association and a Korean bank.
'Bungeishunju' of Japan issued 'Story of Republic of Korea (Republic of Korea story)' of Risacaecaol (Juncus effusus var.decipiens Yeongheung) professor whom the books publication and Kiparan (representative = Ann Byonfn) issued in a Japanese version in May, 2007. The title of a book is the same 'Story of Republic of Korea' as the title of a book of South Korea

In 'Story of Republic of Korea', as for 'The history is recognized again before and after release' put on the market in February, 2006, author's Prof. Risacaecaol is a book written again , saying that "It is a little comprehensible, and it is legible". The lecture contents of one week was an amendment and was supplemented, and was issued as a book completed by the tripling amount though received the request of the EBS radio network, and was open to the public to the member of the public of the first manuscript in the special lecture mode.

'Story of Republic of Korea' overall interprets the present age of South Korea Kon history again.

After all, only construction : the history. For us, it is Republic of Korea Kon modern when the 20th kaleidoscopic century was passed historical and it is true to talk, and to have interpreted only the history bound by feelings 'Racism'. The author insists that he or she should restrict us, classify the applied racism in dismantling Shite, and make the man individual of which the nature is the self-regard mind the unit of the history description. It solves it by the sight with a new big problem and issue etc. of the present age history like the cause, the colony deprivation theory, the pro-Japanese sect clearing problem, and the Japanese army comfort woman problem that a Korean dynasty is defeated, etc.

The Yomiuri Shimbun of Japan treated the book review of 'Story of Republic of Korea' of Prof. Risacaecaol on last cultural side May 3 and the specific gravity was treated by the column putting it. The author is Kokura Hagemushi who is the South Korea thought researcher.

Mr. Kokura is starting the initial segment of the book review in this way. , saying that "Feeling that a truly courageous South Korean is here".

Mr. Kokura is surprised , saying that "Always hold back to 'Race' no matter how the South Korean has talked about the history to the loud voice up to now" , saying that assumption Shite and "Prof. Risacaecaol famous as the critic of New Right is this book in South Korea, and 'The subject of the history is clearly talked as not the race but the individual'".

Moreover,, Lee..Prof...South Korea..present age..history..tradition..civilization..outpatient..civilization..collide..connect..civilization..history..conversion process..manage..(..tiger..good..evil..dichotomy between the two..historical view..renounce..introduce.The compound.

To tell the truth, Prof. Risacaecaol is severely attacking the race historical view and the racism with this book. However, do not think him to be an anti-nationalist. Prof. Lee only says that narrow-mindedness the desire only that only the race is an unit to which the history only does nothingness 2. The show lingua is a history of making 'Individual' an unit as the alternative proposal of the history that he made 'Race' an unit like the indication of Mr. Kokura.

Mr. Kokura is assessing to this book through the book review, "Book in the country of ..strength (today's dust).. on which it is made remarks that it is necessary to be released from "Revenant of a past history" by the South Korean who doesn't become a liberty from the history without the history's being looked straight".

The South Korean who is not the liberty from the past wants to learn which place liberty for this book review.

Source: New daily(Korean)
The foreigner exclusive use taxi is operated in full scale in Seoul on May 1. Seoul City announced the service plan of 119"International taxi" the 20th served in English and Japanese.

When it goes up to about five million people a year, and about 1.3 million people use the taxi, the foreigner who visits the same city is Iu according to Seoul City. I hear having made it to eliminate the inconvenient sheath complaint over the taxi like communication that the foreigner feels and an unjustified fee request, etc. , and to attempt the tourist's more benefit and convenience improvements to the introduction of the foreigner exclusive use taxi.

The guide and the reservation have been accepted for 24 hours and 365 days through the dedicated coal center, and the international taxi operated by the complete reservation system can be reserved even by the Internet.

The guide desk, the exclusive use get on and off place, and the exclusive use waiting room of the sightseeing taxi are provided in the Gimpo international airport as Incheon International Airport, and the foreigner who enters from this airport a country keeps available easily. The guide member of the coal center to say nothing of 228 drivers employed in February this year is possible the conversation in English or Japanese.

The rate schedule sets Seoul to eliminate an unjustified fee request problem including a meterage money system that is 20% higher than a across-the-board taxi and the local charge system, the long distance charter fee system that applies the flat rate separately for three horn district, and the fee system of time are set. When Chinese service begins in September, too and the number of operation vehicles is increased to 300, it is Iu according to Seoul City.
The lingua Indonesian nursing master candidate of the day challenged the national examination of Japan for the first time since last year in this February by economic partnership agreement (EPA) with Indonesia. The successful candidate is Iu if not going out though took an examination by about 80 percent of which it comes to Japan of 104 people. Vice-president Nanji of Yutaka Nakashima of Japan Municipal Hospital Association showed the perception regular news conference on April 23, and "Barrier" Japanese about this.

The Indonesian nursing master candidate came to Japan last August. Japanese training of Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS) was taken until February this year. Afterwards, the study of Japanese is continued while starting work in 47 nationwide hospitals as an assistant nurse.

It is at February 22 that the nursing master nation examination in fiscal year 2008 was done. According to Japan International Corporation of Welfare Services (JICWELS) that collects consequences of pass or fail from candidate's acceptance medical institution, if no person also has gone out, the successful candidate is Iu as at 24.

The immediate aftermath of this national examination to which the completion type of Japanese training is done on February 12, and the Environmental Protection Agency charge room of AOTS and the Japanese of Kenichiro Harumoto charge department general manager are speaking, "The candidate and the hospital, etc. are told to go by will Iu it when you see the atmosphere of the hall this time".

On the other hand, vice-president Nakashima of Japan Municipal Hospital Association specifies, an examination in Japanese and a difficult law term are "Barrier" of passing even if the communications side is cleared by the training after it comes to Japan at the regular news conference on the 23rd.
Moreover, vice-president Hiroyuki Suenaga :. 「The national examination is Japanese though the medical service law and the social security are first taught in English. It passes or a very doubt. 」 problem..become..describe.

The residence to the qualification by Environmental Protection Agency can start work as a nursing master after that if passing from the visit to Japan in three years. The occasion of the national examination that can be taken an examination in three years once a year the nursing master nation examination is most and is three times.

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