The foreigner exclusive use taxi is operated in full scale in Seoul on May 1. Seoul City announced the service plan of 119"International taxi" the 20th served in English and Japanese.

When it goes up to about five million people a year, and about 1.3 million people use the taxi, the foreigner who visits the same city is Iu according to Seoul City. I hear having made it to eliminate the inconvenient sheath complaint over the taxi like communication that the foreigner feels and an unjustified fee request, etc. , and to attempt the tourist's more benefit and convenience improvements to the introduction of the foreigner exclusive use taxi.

The guide and the reservation have been accepted for 24 hours and 365 days through the dedicated coal center, and the international taxi operated by the complete reservation system can be reserved even by the Internet.

The guide desk, the exclusive use get on and off place, and the exclusive use waiting room of the sightseeing taxi are provided in the Gimpo international airport as Incheon International Airport, and the foreigner who enters from this airport a country keeps available easily. The guide member of the coal center to say nothing of 228 drivers employed in February this year is possible the conversation in English or Japanese.

The rate schedule sets Seoul to eliminate an unjustified fee request problem including a meterage money system that is 20% higher than a across-the-board taxi and the local charge system, the long distance charter fee system that applies the flat rate separately for three horn district, and the fee system of time are set. When Chinese service begins in September, too and the number of operation vehicles is increased to 300, it is Iu according to Seoul City.


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