TOEIC is not an examination that measures how much it can speak English. The examination that measures how much it cannot speak English.

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TOEIC is not an examination that measures how much it can speak English. The examination that measures how much it cannot speak English.
TOEIC is an easy basically examination, and the point is saturated at once in the state without satisfactory English language skill though it described in "The TOEIC score that Japan company requests is too low and useless". In general, the level that the realities stood at last in necessary minimum start stand merely though the score of 900 points has Fushi where very high English language skill has been received like Aruka. When some point is taken, it can be said as reasonable of it to receive it if it is not possible to do by being able to speak English English if there is no limited point the idea.

If it introduces the score of the South Korea enterprise, it becomes the following though it introduced the TOEIC basis score of Japan company by "TOEIC score table (version in January, 2011) that Japan company requests".

920 point Samsun(core talent A class)
900 point Samsun (new employee cutback of deduction) and LG(new employee average)
800 point Samsun (existing employee basis), LG (new employee cutback of deduction), and Hyundai(new employee cutback of deduction)

It is understood that there is no demand of them high if standing in the knowledge called TOEIC an easy examination though it is understood that or a high point is being demanded by Japan company. The person that TOEIC doesn't come up to 800 points for them only shows that it doesn't have English language skill necessary for their work.

It cites it as follows because there is a description in issue "SONY Panasonic VS Samsun" about a severe approach on the foreign language of Samsun that became a global business that lightly surpasses Japan company now on February 27, 2010 of a weekly diamond.

When the TOEIC basis (the new employee 900 points or more 05 year and the existing employee 800 points or more) was provided, it is Iu according to a certain executive Samsun.
Recently, S class is needed for the ability of A class passing and a fluent conversation and the memo 920 points or more as for A class located by the core talent.
If it was not A class or more, the promotion to the section chief class became impossible. The company cannot remain less than 920 points of depending in fact. However, it has already been said that 90% or more of the employee is A class or more.
Concentrated program of the language study training is provided in the director and section chief class. It persists even in the interview of contacting by phone and the family with the outside for the training period of about three months ..the limitation... Not only English. To correspond from French and Spanish to Hindi and the Tamel word to the overseas deployment of Samsun, the lineup of all foreign languages is prepared.
The foreign sales ratio of Samsun is 87%, and 75% of SONY and 47% of Panasonic .... are exceeded. The GDP of South Korea is 84 trillion yen, and it doesn't reach 1/5 of Japan of the 494 trillion yen. The globalization is a fate for Samsun without the marketplace, and a high language ability is the absolutely necessary condition within the country. To have it, the resolution that buries the bone in the land is being especially requested from thorough localization by the overseas resident officer.

The TOEIC900 point is a starting point in South Korea where globalizations are more advanced than Japan's like this. Is it thought about the grace period and 800 points?I cannot help doing to the difference aghast comparing Japan company. It doesn't reach far also from their starting points in case of the level that Japan company requests. With this, it would be not better to be able to win to South Korea at a global competition.

The assessment at the TOEIC score and the communications level is usually introduced as follows.

A 860 point- Enough communications can be done as Non-Native.
It provides with foundation to be able to do communications to which any situation is appropriate by B 730 point-855 points.
Needs of C 470 point-725 point daily life can be fulfilled, and communications on affairs be done in the limited range.
Minimum communications can usually be done by the conversation by D 220 point-465 points.
It has not arrived by the time the E -215 point communications can be done.

However, it is located in the place where 900 points were exceeded, and range and deviation Shite of the TOEIC score stiffen to an English ability at a necessary level for the business when the realities are considered. Then, thinking that TOEIC is a test that English cannot do, and measures how much it cannot speak English very much comes harmoniously. Thinking as follows by reversing the above-mentioned table might be good.

Do not approach E -215 point English.
It cannot speak 465 point D 220 point-English at all.
It cannot speak 725 point C 470 point-English.
B 730 point-855 point reading and writing doesn't reach at a necessary level though it can be somewhat done.
It provides with English language skill A 860 point-minimum.

Specifically, it becomes an adverse effect to say nothing of the self promotion equally to the insistence that I cannot speak English if it wrote in the TOEIC700 point or the personal history. The above-mentioned is not present true to You bet it is (My apologies if there is feelings' being impaired) in Japan. If the TOEIC score table (version in January, 2011) that Japan company requests is seen, being assessed if TOEIC and there are 700 points now is clear. However, such a state is not unending.
TOEIC comes to be used widely sooner or later as the cutback of deduction tool. This movement will extend at a dash in several years in the future though it is reported that Takeda Chemical Industries provides the cutback of deduction basis of 730 points from the new graduate employment of 2013 Toshiharu joining a company.
TOEIC is a means to measure cannot speak English.

After minimum English language skill is acquired, it is necessary to study further to raise it to the level that can use the English.
Moreover, will it not suffice only in English, and the acquisition of the foreign language of The Second including Chinese be requested. Even if it is slow, it extends to a minimum level within the school days, and, in addition, English is sure to have to spare time so to the acquisition of the foreign language of The Second for Tsts.
For instance, the language study training to the new employee of the small pine makes doing and ITOCHU changed from English to Chinese in fiscal year 2010 persist in the acquisition of the third language in addition to Japanese and English and when "Special language study dispatch system" that promoted the global talent was introduced in 2010, is Iu. Moreover, it is Iu when Shiseido's also beginning "Global career development program" in fiscal year 2010, going for one's post to the locale for one year, and working on the strengthening of the language ability.
In the situation in which the enlargement of Japanese market cannot be expected, it strikes to a global marketplace so that the enterprise may survive and it can do nothing but go out.
Being needed then becomes a skill ..English that is a language ability in first, and a virtual official language.. indispensable to which every employee should also acquired it. It is sure to be becoming an age when correspondence to the foreign language of The Second is requested on that.

Good old days to which it fluctuates between hopes and fears by TOEIC are about to end.

Japan is good country!
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