Will knowing of formula mascot character and Zacmi (Zakumi) of South African World Cup 2010?

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Will knowing of formula mascot character and Zacmi (Zakumi) of South African World Cup 2010?This character is an image of the Panthera pardus, and initial of the word that shows South Africa and "kumi" mean ten of the 2010 as for "Za".

The doll of Zacmi bought in local South Africa is amusing though such Zacmi. Japanese described in the bag with this Zacmi doll cannot be read at all if it says from the conclusion.

Japanese being written in the bag is described as follows.

『This bag is not a toy. The alert: ..this bag.. keep to avoid the hazard of the suffocation ..part from the baby and the child... Do not use it with the fodder tub, the bed, the carriage or the pen of the play. This is not a toy. Node bag before it throws out. 』

Very much for the child and the infant「As for play by this because of no toy the bag, it is good. There is a hazard of the suffocation, too. 」Japanese in the latter half cannot read at all though it might be telling Taino. Undoubted official goods and this Zacmi doll is from Iu to the surprise in addition moreover of the FIFA official recognition. By the way, most was made in China in the World Cup official goods that had been sold in local South Africa.


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